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RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant 400ml

RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant 400ml

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  • For Petrol, Diesel and LPG engines with or without turbo
  • For 4 stroke reciprocating piston engines and Wankel rotary engines (Mazda RX7 RX8)
  • Safe for use with catalytic converters
  • Can also be used in manual gearboxes and standard differentials and mixed into Lithium grease to cure noisy wheel bearings
  • Long-lasting treatment remains effective from 1000 miles up to 12,000 miles (or 250 hours) under normal driving or operating conditions, regardless of oil changes undertaken during that period
  • Extremely versatile. Suitable for many applications, from power tools (pneumatic tools, chainsaws etc.) to heavy trucks
  • Easy to use. Just add to clean oil at the rate of 10% by volume to the oil (1 part RESTORE to 9 parts oil) or 250ml per litre of engine size (cc) and run the engine.

  • Cure Blue Smoke and exhaust emissions
  • Restore Compression
  • Reduce Oil Consumption
  • Restore Horsepower and Torque
  • Improve MPG
  • Improve cold starting ability
  • Prolong Engine Life
  • Contribute towards reducing Global Warming by reducing CO emissions and extending the useable life of old engines
  • Repair fishing boat engines and tractor engines without any downtime.

One 400ml can of RESTORE will treat up to a two litre (2000cc) engine or 4 litres of oil in the sump. The rules of thumb for working out the correct dosage for a first-time treatment in your engine are: 200-250ml Ametech Engine RESTORE Oil per litre of engine size (cc); 10% RESTORE by volume to engine oil. Order multiples of this size of can for each 2000cc of engine size you wish to treat, for example, you will need 2 of the 400ml cans for a 4 litre engine. Please remember though that we do sell a one litre can for those larger engines (up to 5 litres). For repeat treatments use half the initial dosage or 5% RESTORE by volume to engine oil. For best results, add to a clean engine with fresh oil and filter. Just shake it up and pour it in! Comprehensive instructions are provided with every purchase.

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