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Gulf Oil

Gulf Formula RNX 5w30 4L - Renault Oil

Gulf Formula RNX 5w30 4L - Renault Oil

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This catalyst-compatible, synthetic motor oil is designed specifically for use in gasoline and diesel passenger cars meeting Euro IV standards, and is formulated using cutting-edge additive chemistry that meets low SAPS requirements. Suitable for use in vehicles fitted with a TWC or DPF, Gulf Formula RNX extends the lifespan and maintains the efficiency of after treatment devices.

  • Low ash content reduces particulate build-up in diesel particulate filters.
  • Latest additive technology with active cleaning agents extends engine life.
  • Reduces oil degradation and extends drain intervals.
  • Reduced emissions and oil consumption thanks to low volatility.

Meets the following specifications


Renault RN 0720

MB 229.51, MB226.51

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