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Gulf Oil

Gulf DCT Fluid - DSG Gearbox

Gulf DCT Fluid - DSG Gearbox

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Product Description

Gulf DCT Fluid is a synthetic lubricant designed to meet the unique requirements of DCTs with wet clutches. It possesses balanced frictional characteristics to ensure smooth operation of wet clutches and synchronizers. This fluid is blended from synthetic base fluids and specially selected additives. It offers excellent cold-flow properties, enduring frictional characteristics and has potential to extend drain interval.

Features & Benefits

  • Balanced frictional characteristics ensure smooth operation of wet clutches and synchronizers leading to improved drivability and anti-shudder performance.
  • Synthetic base fluid offers improved fluidity and lubrication under cold weather conditions.
  • Potential to offer extended drain intervals due to increased friction durability and superior thermooxidative stability.
  • Shear stable additives enable retention of viscosity throughout the life of the oil.
  • Special EP/AW additives improve the durability of the transmission components.
  • Excellent seal compatibility prevents lubricant loss and contamination.


Specifications and Approval

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